God Does Not Grow or Increase

Monday, January 6th 2020

We read of the Christ child that He increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man. Interesting! I would hope we know that God neither grows or increases. But the eternal Son of the Father truly also becomes man in the birth of the Christ child given the name Jesus. He is both fully God and fully man. And that the child grew in wisdom and stature clearly shows that Jesus was human. In today's lesson we read of His amazing wisdom already at age 12! It was amazing for at least two reasons. First, he was like us in every way except for sin. So he was not lacking in faith which impedes our own understanding. And second, asHe learned from God, He could be taught by His own divine nature. So at 12 the child already knew He was the eternal Son of God the Father, and what His mission was for the world...

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