Gift of Grace Lutheran Church is a Biblical, Historical, and Sacramental Church. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the center of who we are.

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Sunday, February 28th 2021

Believers approach politics differently! You may be asking, what does that have to do with Jesus’ foretelling his upcoming suffering and death on the Cross, or what does it have to do with our following Jesus? Well, I hope you will soon see why I think it has everything to do with it. The temptation of our flesh (our sinful nature) is to approach politics, and everything else, no differently than the world…

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A Cathartic Effect
Wednesday, March 3rd 2021
It is hard enough to contemplate taking advantage of Individual Confession and Forgiveness without the added burden of confusing just what is required. This week we continue to look at the obstacles in taking advantage of this great gift.
Privacy in Confession
Wednesday, February 24th 2021
The consideration of the practice of Individual Confession continues this week. Lately I have been discussing potential obstacles that make it difficult to take advantage of the opportunity. So far we have touched on unfamiliarity and the fear of being exposed. This week I want to touch on another difficulty, and that is the matter of privacy.
Our Sins Laid Bare
Wednesday, February 17th 2021
One of the difficulties in taking advantage of “Individual Confession and Absolution” is the whole matter of self-disclosure. The guilt and shame associated with a sin is hard enough to deal with alone. But it is a whole new level to stand naked and exposed before others. We say to ourselves, “What will they think when they find out what I am really like?” And this holds no less true when it comes to the Pastor. “What will he think of me now?”
Fear in Private Confession
Wednesday, February 10th 2021
As was suggested last week, Private Confession allows for the declaration of the gift of forgiveness up close and personal. And just so, it can be more encouraging and reassuring in overcoming doubts so that we can cling to our Lord’s promise of mercy.
Conviction and Absolution
Wednesday, February 3rd 2021
This week we segue from the consideration of Confession and Absolution declared by the Pastor in our corporate gathering for worship, to the same declaration of forgiveness in Private Confession.

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