Gift of Grace Lutheran Church is a Biblical, Historical, and Sacramental Church. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is at the center of who we are.

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Sunday, June 14th 2020

Do you ever pause in the midst of all the hustle and bustle and observe the people around you? Are you a people watcher? What do you see when you look upon the faces of people? In general, do you see happiness and contentment? Or do you see impatience, anxiety, boredom, and discontentment? Do you see alienation and loneliness? Just what do you see on so many faces? We are told what Jesus saw when he saw the crowds...

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The Dividing Walls of Hostility
Wednesday, June 17th 2020

We are going through a period right now that is divisive and heated. The obvious flashpoints have been the pandemic and protests against racial injustice that unfortunately gave way to rioting, burning, looting, and violence. These are the flashpoints. But the undercurrents of the discord have been fermenting for quite some time.

Dignity to Each and Every Person
Wednesday, June 10th 2020

God’s Word in the Holy Scriptures informs us that human beings were created in the image and after the likeness of the LORD God. That affords dignity to each and every person born of the race of Adam and Eve.

Patient Endurance
Wednesday, June 3rd 2020

“Reopening” is the term most often used as the shut down and stay at home orders are rescinding. But I hesitate to use that term for our mission post as a church. We did not close down! We did, however, follow the guidelines and orders of our elected officials and the medical advice of our county. So there was a break in our normal routine.

He is Coming Again
Wednesday, May 27th 2020

The Scriptures clearly teach what we confess nearly every Sunday in the Creed, “He will come again to judge the living and the dead.” I speak of the return of Christ, or what has been referred to as “The Second Coming of Christ.”

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