Grace Notes 2022-11-16

Wednesday, November 16th 2022

Called to the ministry of evangelism by giving witness to Jesus we rightly recognize that we witness to Him by word and deed. The way we live our lives matters greatly. And here we are not just talking about moral rectitude, the avoidance of all manner of evil, but we are speaking about what we do positively. That is, the love, charity, and compassion that we show forth. Our actions are important. That said, we also need to give verbal witness. Yes, walk the walk. But it will be necessary also to talk the talk.

It is in verbally giving witness to our Lord and Savior that we benefit by becoming practiced in doing so. Let’s agree to call that ‘faith talk’. Like any language it takes practice and usage to become more fluent.

I commend our brothers and sisters in the Evangelical Wing of the Protestant Church for usually being much better at ‘faith talk’ then are we. Part of the reason is the expectation in their fellowships for doing so, and the modeling of such talk by of all members, not just the clergy.

If I had any criticism of their fine example, it might be that it sometimes sounds a little canned and that there is a unique lingo that gets imitated and becomes repetitive. But hey, more of them are doing it.

What I would encourage our congregation to do is be intentional about talking more often of the Christian Faith and what you are hearing and learning God speak to you in His Word. Share this with believers, in your home and in and around the congregation. Get used to discussing such things where it is more comfortable so that you gain fluency that will help you to open up to those who are not a part of the Christian Faith Community. Become accustomed to saying Jesus’s name aloud and speaking of what Christ has done for you and all people. Practice ‘faith talk’…

Since You Asked…

What is the significance of Christ the King Sunday? 

The Festival of Christ the King marks the end of the long season after Pentecost, and it anticipates the day when Christ will return and be revealed to everyone as the rightful ruler of the world. The appointed lessons for the day make it clear that at the end of the age Christ will come in power and great glory. Previous to this we have known his gentle rule. We have known King Jesus as the one who shed his blood to free us from the grips of sin and death. But when he comes again in glory he will come to judge the living and the dead. There will then be no doubt as to who the sovereign of the cosmos is!

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