Spring 2018 Book Study


The Spirituality of the Cross

Lutherans were the first Christians to call themselves "Evangelical" (Evangelische in German). This book explores the theology of those first Evangelicals, and will touch on topics like justification by faith, the means of grace (Holy Baptism, Holy Communion, the Christian Scriptures), vocation, theology of the cross, the two kingdoms, worship, and the church.

Our goal will be to answer the questions:

  • What is the Gospel?
  • What is Christianity all about?
  • Why Lutheran theology?
  • What practical implications come from a Lutheran understanding of theology?

This book is really for everyone. For those seeking and questioning Christianity, this book offers solid answers. For those wondering what's different about Lutheran theology and practice, this book will help clarify the distinctions and drive you to search the Scriptures. For Lutherans, this book can give a better understanding of your heritage in the faith.

Everyone is invited to attend the book study beginning on Wednesday April 11th, 6:30pm.

Gift of Grace Lutheran Church

624 Western Ave.  Holmen, WI
(608) 797-7837