03-10-2019 Sermon - Jesus Encounters the Tempter in the Wilderness

It matters how we read Scripture. And Jesus provides the clue as to how. He says the Scriptures are primarily about him! The trouble is, we tend to want to make them all about us. And the Gospel Reading this morning is a case in point. How quickly we leave the narrative of Jesus' encounter and victory over Satan in the wilderness to trying to draw lessons about what we can learn from Jesus not succumbing to temptation. There is that. But the main point is to focus on how Jesus' victory on our behalf is good news for us! Such good news that we are invited to place our faith in his victory over sin, death, and the devil, and to give up relying on our ability to defeat the devil ourselves. The Gospel is about what God in Christ has done, and is doing, on our behalf and for our benefit.