07-15-18 Sermon - The Plumb Line of Judgment


There are consequences to sin. And although in the present temporal age the consequences of our sin can seem arbitrary, Amos prophesied that God's judgment will ultimately be totally fair and impartial. He was given a vision of the Lord holding a plumb line and holding it in the midst of his people. The wall that is not true and upright will need to be torn down and then restored. According to Amos, Israel was going to be punished by Assyrian invaders. It was too late to avoid that fate, but it was not too late for repentance. The Lord would spare a remnant to be rebuilt and restored. God's Word serves as a plumb line held against our lives. The bad news is that we are all out of plumb. The good news is that he promises restoration to all who repent and cling to his promise of restoration.