Celebration and Renewal!

The calendar year dictates the tempo and rhythm of many things. Often the close of the year is a time of closure, and the New Year a time of beginnings. In business the fiscal year often corresponds with the calendar year. Books are closed at the end of the year, audits are run. Newly elected officials begin their terms of office in the New Year. And the change in year often marks the interlude between academic semesters.

Congregations are also affected by this cadence. Even though the Church has a liturgical calendar, finances and elections often correspond to the calendar year. This is reflected in the Annual Meetings that follow early in the New Year, usually with just enough time to compose reports and work up a proposed budget.

Gift of Grace aims at having our Annual Meeting on the first Sunday in February, as it will be this year. We hope you will plan to be in attendance at our Divine Service on Sunday, February 3, and then remain for the Annual Meeting close on the Service’s heels.

The Annual Meeting provides an opportunity to pause in the ongoing mission of our Lord entrusted to us. In pausing we can reflect back on the path we trod in the previous year. Did we stay on track with the goals set a year ago? What have we learned over the year? What can we be thankful for and celebrate?

The meeting also affords a time to project ourselves forward. With the election of new leaders mixed in with those continuing their terms, we look forward to renewed inspiration. With the adoption of a budget we make our best plans on how we can generously engage in “mission spending”.

Celebration and renewal! A chance to rededicate ourselves to the Lord’s mission in our community. I hope you will plan to attend. Look for a report with the agenda this Sunday to help you prepare for the meeting…

Since You Asked…

What is the meaning of the “KYRIE” (kir-E-A)?

KYRIE is a Latin term which is in turn is a transliteration of a Greek word meaning “Lord.” In the Latin Mass the term KYRIE was combined with the term ELESION meaning “have mercy.” In addition, the Mass included a three-fold response: KYRIE ELEISON, CHRISTE ELEISON, KYRIE ELEISON, which translated is “Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.” In our Lutheran Worship Service we utilize a prayer from the Latin Mass known as a Peace Litany. A Litany is a responsive prayer. This Litany is usually led by our Assisting Minister, and the congregation response is the KYRIE ELEISON. And so the Assisting Minister begins, “In peace let us pray to the Lord,” and the congregation responds to this and each succeeding petition with, “Lord, have mercy.” (with help from the Manual on the Liturgy a companion to the Lutheran Book of Worship, publ. by Augsburg).